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Dissemination Forum

The ASCOS Final Dissemination Forum [893 KB] took place 28/29 May 2015 at the premises of the European Commission.

The European Commission, NLR & CertiFlyer, have jointly organizing this ASCOS event, with about 60 participants.

The Forum was held at the premises of the European Commission in the Covent Garden Building [1.220 KB] , Brussels, Belgium.

At the forum, the main results of the project ASCOS were presented, including:
- A newly proposed certification approach
- A framework for safety performance indicators
- A process for safety performance monitoring
- A tool for continuous safety monitoring
- A risk model
- A tool for risk assessment
- A safety assurance process in operation
- A lessons learned requirement process

The Agenda [230 KB] is available HERE [230 KB] .

Keynotes focusing on application of ASCOS results & future research include:
- Michael Kyriakopoulos – European Commission (EC)
- Eric Sivel - European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
- Michel Piers – EREA & Future Sky Safety
- Jos Wilbrink - CAA Netherlands

ASCOS Users Group comprises members of e.g. EASA, FAA, SESAR JU, EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE, JARUS, FAST, ESASI, Civil Aviation Authorities (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland and Italy) and aircraft manufacturers (Dassault Aviation and Rockwell Collins).