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Many innovative technologies and operational concepts are not developed for reasons of implementation risk or too much time to reach implementation. Many operators and users are eager to make use of new developments. To ease the introduction of safety enhancement systems and operations, a innovative approach towards certification is required that:

  • Is more flexible with regard to the introduction of new products and operations;
  • Is more efficient, in terms of cost, time and safety, than the current certification processes;
  • Considers safety impact of all aviation system elements and the entire system life-cycle in a complete integrated way.

Moving towards performance based regulation, based upon agreed safety performance in combination with a risk based approach to standardization, is expected to lead to improvements in the way that safety risks are controlled.

Anticipating on future risks by using a "proactive approach" helps to make the certification process robust to new developments.

Introducing ‘continuous safety monitoring’ ensures that new essential safety data is effectively used immediately after it will be available.