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To develop certification process adaptations, with supporting tools for safety based design and safety monitoring, so as to ease the introduction and certification of safety enhancements. To achieve this, six measureable and verifiable objectives are defined:

  • To analyse the existing European certification and rulemaking process and propose potential adaptations to ease certification of safety enhancement systems and operations;
  • To develop a methodology and supporting tools for multi-stakeholder Continuous Safety Monitoring, using a baseline risk picture for all the parts of the total aviation system;
  • To develop a total aviation system safety assessment method and supporting tools that can be used for safety based design of new systems, products and/or operations;
  • To apply proposed certification process adaptations and the design systems and tools in case studies, so as to show how they can be used by operators and manufacturers.
  • To validate key results: a) new certification approach, b) method and tools for Continuous Safety Monitoring, and c) all the supporting safety based design systems and tools.
  • To inform air transport stakeholders on the proposed certification approach through promotion workshops, supported by exercises and an e-learning web-site environment.