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Here is a list of the deliverables that are expected from the ASCOS project.

For each deliverable, its nature is described as being either:

  • R (for a report) or
  • O (for anything else)

and its dissemination level is described as:

  • PU (for public) or
  • RE (for restricted), or

ASCOS list of deliverables

Deliverable name WP no. Nature Dissemination
D7.1 Project management and quality plan [447 KB] 7 R RE
D6.1 Dissemination plan [890 KB] 6 R PU
D6.2 Flyer and Brochure 6 O PU
D6.3 Public web-site [108 KB] 6 O PU
D1.1 Existing regulations and certification processes [287 KB] 1 R RE
D1.2 Innovative approaches to certification [4.339 KB] 1 R PU
D1.3 Development proposed certification approach [2.589 KB] 1 R PU
D2.1 Framework Safety Performance Indicators [1.787 KB] 2 R PU
D1.4 Certification e-learning environment [1.782 KB] 1 O PU
D2.2 Baseline risk picture total aviation system [130 KB] 2 R RE
D3.1 Safety assessment methodology [1.830 KB] 3 R PU
D3.2 Risk models and accident scenarios [288 KB] 3 R RE
D2.3 Process Safety Performance Monitoring [77 KB] 2 R RE
D3.3 Tool for risk assessment and user manual [12.301 KB] 3 R PU
D5.1 Validation strategy and methodology [1.389 KB] 5 R PU
D2.4 Tools for Continuous Safety Monitoring [432 KB] 2 R RE
D2.5 WP2 Final Report [1.481 KB] 2 R PU
D3.4 Tool for overall safety impact and user manual [3.631 KB] 3 R PU
D3.5 Aviation safety standard recommendations [9.553 KB] 3 R PU
D5.2 Validation plan and scenarios [942 KB] 5 R RE
D3.6 WP3 Final Report [6.352 KB] 3 R PU
D4.1 Aircraft failure management systems [221 KB] 4 R RE
D4.2 Automatic aircraft recovery system [206 KB] 4 R RE
D4.3 Certification of an organisation [206 KB] 4 R RE
D4.4 ATM / CNS systems and operations [177 KB] 4 R RE
D5.3 Validation exercises report [207 KB] 5 R RE
D1.5 Consolidated new certification approach [7.157 KB] 1 R PU
D1.6 WP1 Final Report [4.307 KB] 1 R PU
D4.5 Evaluation of case studies [3.316 KB] 4 R PU
D4.6 WP4 Final Report [4.563 KB] 4 R PU
D6.4 Exploitation plan [9.273 KB] 6 R PU
D5.4 Validation report [207 KB] 5 R RE
D5.5 WP5 Final Report [2.290 KB] 5 R PU